Home, Auto, and Life Insurance in Des Moines and Central Iowa

Montgomery-St. John Insurance Agency
We’re a locally owned and operated agency in Des Moines, Iowa delivering insurance and risk management solutions. We’ve served individuals and businesses for more than 20 years and we’re committed to giving clients the best possible products and services. We aim to be three things above all – competent, reliable, and caring.

Our Products
We offer a wide variety of insurance options, including home, auto, business and life insurance. We insure homes and vehicles of all kinds. Whether you have a high-value home or a small, one-bedroom dwelling, and whether you have a single economy car or a series of luxury vehicles, we can help you.

We insure small to medium sized businesses, including contractors. Whether you’re a retailer, a manufacturer, or a contractor, we have policy options for you that will keep you secure for the right price. See our business insurance page and/or our specific industries page for more information.

We provide group and individual health insurance and we work with leading carriers. We can give you a policy that keeps you cared for at rates that are appropriate and we can also give you a policy that keeps your workforce cared for. We also provide life insurance, and this helps you protect yourself, invest, and protect your beneficiaries. We can tailor a policy so that it fits your needs exactly.

Our Approach
We’re local agents and we know the areas that we serve well. We know residents of the areas that we serve also, and this is because of our clients and because we’re active in the communities in these areas. Knowing the people that we serve helps engender trust between us and these people. Trust makes having meaningful relationships with clients easy.

We provide advice to our clients and we counsel them. This helps us create the best solutions and it also helps clients avoid risks. It also makes it easier for us to perform renewals. We’re reachable at almost any time, so clients can get a hold of us whenever they want or need to. This makes getting the information necessary in order to make the best decisions easier for clients.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more. If you’re ready to get started, request a quote.

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