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  • Protects your assets against attachment as a result of a court award.
  • Provides for cost of defense when you are sued.
  • Allows you to purchase such high value items as a car or a home by insuring the collateral on behalf of the financial institution that lent you the money.
  • Provides financial security for your family in the event of your death.
  • Provides for the health care of you and your family through systematic payments.
  • Allows you to save for retirement while deferring interest payments to a time when your income is lower, thus reducing your tax payments.
  • Allows you to remain financially solvent when you’re ill and can’t work.

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First off, Gary has been absolutely amazing with every insurance need we have ever needed. If I have any questions he is able to help me get the answers and always makes sure I am completely happy with those results. Secondly, Gary has been our "insurance guy" for over ten years and I constantly suggest others to use him for their needs as well. I can't thank him and the wonderful team at Montgomery-St. John enough for providing the best for my family.

Elizabeth Pirillo